Frequently Asked Questions


A: No. Partial cancellation of tickets is not accepted. Please check the cancellation policy provided when booking the ticket. Partial Cancellation Ticket Is not currently allowed through our portal. Please visit www.transafrik.net for more details
A: To cancel your ticket, visit the “Cancellation” page - enter your TIN details to proceed with the cancellation. Check the refund conditions before canceling. These terms arealso displayed at the time of booking, while you select the particular coach. Please check these conditions before confirming your cancellation.
A: Yes. Tickets reserved through Transafrik can be canceled * 24 hours before the cut-off time on the day of travel which is the departure of the coach at the first boarding point.

Discounts and offers

The Coupon you are using may have expired or exceeded its usage limit. Each coupon has its own set of rules and these are subject to change without notice for various reasons. However, you can check the offers page for all active offers.
A: Please see the offers page for all active offers.
A: A cash coupon is slightly different from a discount coupon. Cash coupons can be used for a single booking within the given time period. They are usually issued by helping customers to purchase tickets in the event of an error on Transafrik's part during a previous booking.


A: Each operator has their own rules regarding the number of bags allowed, baggage space available, additional payments for boxes, etc. Please feel free to call our 24 hour customer service if you need specific information.
A:Each passenger is entitled to a bag of 25 kg or the equivalent and 1 handbag or bundle of 10 kgAny excess baggage will be weighed and paid at the rate of 250 F / kg.* Do not hesitate to call our 24 hour customer service if you need specific information.

Other information

Covid -9 is an airborne desease..
What if I have other questions?If you have further questions, comments or other general questions about customer service, please send an email to support@transafrik.net or call us at 225 57 27 September 27


A: Payment for any reservation after seat selection must be completed within 60 minutes. If you do not complete payment within 60 minutes of selecting your seats, your order will be canceled and the seats will be released for others to purchase.
We don't have that facility at the moment. You can either bring the confirmation by SMS that we send, or in some cases you can bring the photocopy of the ticket which you can print out after the booking has been confirmed.
Yes. But you cannot purchase your tickets by phone at this time. Tickets are available on our Android and IOS apps and on transafrik.net
A: Yes. You don't necessarily need a credit card to purchase tickets on Transafrik.net. All activated Orange, Moov and MTN mobile accounts can be used to purchase tickets. Please select Orange, Moov or MTN as per your choice to complete the transaction.
A: Yes, you can pay / buy tickets for your family members or friends. Make sure you give the right details for all passengers.
A: Transactions on Transafrik.net are very secure. In addition, account information is processed through secure gateways certified by Orange, Moov and MTN on their respective networks.
A: Yes. Soon you will be able to buy your tickets by going to the Orange, Moov and MTN counters. 
A: We accept e-payments from Orange, Moov, MTN


A: Full refund only occurs in case of error on the part of Transafrik or the operators. In other cases, when the traveler requests a cancellation, a partial refund is made. Please check the cancellation conditions of the particular coach operator - these are mentioned on the photocopy of ticket / Email. Or please contact our customer service for details.
A: Typically all refunds are processed the same day or instantly in most cases. The money is transferred / refunded into the passenger's account by the payment gateway within 24 hours. After which, depending on the customer's bank, it takes between 3 to 10 business days to reflect the credit on your account.
A: Transafrik will refund you 100% if your departure is missed due to the fault of Transafrik or the transport company. However, if your departure is missed for any other reason, Transafrik will reimburse you for 90% of the amount of your ticket. 


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Ticket purchase

1. Enter your travel date  2. Choose your seat 3. Pay with OM 4. Receive your ticket in an SMS and email.
Yes. It is mandatory to bring government issued ID with your e-ticket.
A: Yes. Please contact our 24 hour customer service with the TIN details and we will be able to send you the SMS ticket confirmation.Is
A: If you have not received an email after confirming your reservation, there could be several reasons: Your mobile payment account has failed. In this case, the purchase is canceled by the system. You entered an incorrect email address. The email ticket ended up in the spam folder.                                                     Where this may be due to a network problem, you can then contact our customer service to have the appropriate number for boarding.
A: You must fill in the "Mobile Number" field when booking tickets. Your mobile number will be used to send an SMS booking confirmation, boarding point details, the coach operator can contact you quickly in case you are not at the boarding time or Transafrik can help you. contact if there is a change of program.
A: A copy of the ticket you would have been emailed to when booking the ticket. Please take a photocopy of this letter and show it as soon as possible. your arrival at the station. If you have not received your ticket at the email address you provided, you can print from the website www.Transafrik.net by entering the TIN (Transafrik Identification Number) that was sent to you by SMS when booking the ticket.
A: Although some seats are more popular than others, all seats have the price.
Please arrive at the boarding station at least 45 minutes before departure. Have your confirmation SMS (the ticket in some cases) or the reservation notification by email or SMS.An identification card to confirm the purchase.